A sailing vacation in Croatia

With its imposing seashores, pristine waters and glorious beaches, Croatia has continued to attract a growing number of visitors every year from across the world.  Because there is so many things to see and do in Croatia’s many different islands, getting a sailing vacation is the best option for visiting Croatia in order for you to cover as many destinations as possible and get a glimpse of the various attractions, historical heritages, and beaches of the country. Cruising the islands by sailing a yacht is an enchanting experience on its own because it will provide you an extraordinary sight of the natural beauty of Croatia.  But getting to see the place, both the natural and architectural wonders as well as the culture in each island is a nostalgic trip through time where the cradle of western civilization evolved.

Sailing Anabella

While there are plenty vacation cruises to choose from in Croatia, sailing in yachts is the most preferable mode of touring and exploring its different islands. Sailing Anabella is one leading agency for charter boats in Croatia and rest of world.   It offers a wide range of boats that visitors can choose from based on their needs, preferences, lifestyle and budgets including sailing boats, sailing yachts, motor yachts, gullets, motor yacht, and speed boats. Regardless of type, it assures that every boat is safe and well maintained to provide comfort and leisure for all guests while on tour.   The prices are reasonable though tourists usually come in groups to charter a yacht to explore the islands. While Croatia’s coastline is an old salt’s reverie on its own, here are some of the most recommended places to visit which form part of regular sailing tour.


Biograd na Moru. The heart of the Adriatic seas, Biograd is a river capital located between Vrana Lake and a maze of little islands, with extensive beaches canopied by pinewoods.  Its various attractions can provide a unique experience for every visitor.    You can fall in love in the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak. You can visit the smallest cathedral in the world, the Church of the Holy Cross of Nin. You can walk back in time in the Roman Forum or enjoy the haunting beauty of the Veli Rat lighthouse. Other important places to visit included the MirilaPeculiar stone signs, glade of Velebit trails, Remains of templar town and Maškovića Han on VranaIn.

Activities. Sightseeing and getting awed by the beauty of Biograd na Moru is the simplest yet most memorable thing that you can do. However, if you are into outdoor activities, then Biograd na Moru is also the perfect place for you.  You can enroll and learn the amazing water sport of wind surfing in the astonishing Dalmatian coast.  You can go to Marina Kornati and get a yacht from over 300 crafts available for charter and view the beautiful islands from the sea.  You can rent a buggy and go for an adventure ride to discover the hidden paths of the backcountry and experience local wildlife in their exceptional natural habitats.  You can go surfing and experience the unique fleeting joviality’ that only surfers can understand. You can go for the bougainville diving and enjoy the treasures beneath the sea. Or you can simply enjoy the rides and the food in the Fun Park Biograd. 

Nature Parks.  Croatia has many national parks whose purity and natural innocence makes them ideal sailing destinations to reconnoiter. Located proximately in the Korčula Island and Pelješac peninsula, the Mljet National Park is surrounded by the Veliko and Malo Jezero saltwater lakes.  One popular destination is the old Benedictine monastery situated in the Sveta Marija. You can stroll or rent a bike to further explore the place and do fun activities. For instance, you can go kayaking at Mali Most, go for a swim in the Mljet coastline or simply relish the spectacular landscape.

Another important sailing destination is the Kornati Archipelago, which is composed of around 140 islands that are typically unoccupied. Usually designated as a maritime paradise for its exquisite seascape and rich underwater fauna and flora, Kornati is especially popular for the Telašćica Nature Park, dubbed as the treasured jewel of the Adriatic waters.  Another important thing to do is to take a dip and get a healing experience in the salt lake of Mir.


Another must visit national park is Krka, which is famous for its series of waterfalls chief of which is the Skradinski Buk waterfall that is fringed with old-style watermills. A short stride to its natural track leads to a salient water cascade named the Roški Slap which was made more mystic with its primal Roman crypts. At the ingress of the Krka National Park is the City of Split, which is equally famous for its coastal beaches and quasi bastion complex, at the heart of which is the Diocletian's Palace, which was built in 305 AD.  This town alone is a tourist haven on its own where you can ascent the Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral, promenade the warren cobblestoned streets of the Narodni Trg, or stroll the Riva Promenade, among others.


Beaches. Encompassing a thousand of islands, Croatia is equally known for its preeminent beaches and strands on the Adriatic Sea.  Among the most notable beaches included the Prosika PagCentral public beach, which is extremely appropriate for families with young children and the KolovarePublic city beach in Zadar for its natural milieu.  However, visitors who are into water sports can opt to go DražicaA. But if you simply want to relax and enjoy a stunning view, then the Queen's Beach in the Nin lagoon is sure to blow your mind.  For a unique beach experience, you can go the pebble beaches of Pisak & Kulin Rivijera, in Starigrad Paklenica Riviera which was fashioned by the river water rushing through the natural ravines and canyons.

Other must-see destinations

The City of Zadar.  A city that is even older than cradle of western civilization or Rome, Zadar is a prominent destination of famous personalities from around the world for its diverse cultural events and centuries old cultural and historical heritage that remains perceptible in its architecture and institutions. The city is home to the famous sea organ where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world while you listen to the music as played by the natural breeze of the sea.  Adjacent to it is the Greeting to the Sun, another work of art of Nikola Basic, which is a shrine bestowed to the sun. While in the city, it would be advisable to visit the Church of St. Donatus which is formerly known as Church of the Holy Trinity.  This is considered as the symbol of the city of Zadar. You can also visit other sacred institutions such as St. Anastasia's Cathedral, Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi and The Church of St. Chrysogonus.  The city also has a variety of museums that will offer you varying experiences such as Archeological Museum, which is one of the oldest in Europe; the Museum Of Illusions that can rattle your brain; and Museum Of Ancient Glass to see the beauty, art and history of the city.


Hvar.  Hvar is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian Islands.  It catches the most sunshine that makes it the most vivid and energetic island in the region. Composed of around twenty islets and cliffs of unscathed natural landscape, this has become the primary destination of divers because of its profusion of various fishes and marine species. Among the places you should not miss included the Vinogradisce bay, Mlini beach, and Stipanska bay, and Vlaka bay.  If you are looking for social adventure, you can go to Carpe Diem beach club and go crazy dancing with the locals and other guests.  The Paklinski otoci (Pakleni islands) is a vast tourist resort that offers plenty of sunny beaches, restaurants, and all the best places in HVAR for that complete delightful summer vacation.

Zrče-Pag - Zrće is a long pebble beach on the island of Pag which is known across Europe for its Spring Break festivals.  Among the beaches you should go included the Aquarius Zrce beach, Noa beach club, Kalypso and Rocks Beach Club. The Zrce beach is famous because is the place to be for pleasure- high-living parties where people from around the world cluster to rave, get crazy and celebrate life.

Dubrovnik. This city in southern Croatia has recently revived its popularity because it provided the medieval setting and ambiance for the HBO TV hit "Game of Thrones". Among its famous attractions included the baroque St. Blaise Church, Sponza Palace, Bell Tower, ‘Zelenci’, and Gothic Rector’s Palace, Placa Stradun and Fort Lovrijenac, among others.

Korčula.  This Croatian island which can be reached via ferry ride and is popular for Marco Polo’s old trudging parklands. You can opt to visit the stunning Pupnatska Luca Beach or Vela Przina Beach then take a stroll to see the St. Mark's Cathedral, Korcula Town Walls, Sea gate tower, Kanavelić Tower and Revellin Tower.  Incidentally, you can make a side trip in the suburbs of Lumbarda, and get a sip of the local wines namely the grk, plavac mali and a rosé, while you dine.

Other Sailing Routes

Vis. This small Croatian island was the location setting for the popular film sequel of Mamma Mia.  It is also popular for its lovely coasts and 17th-century style architectural structures. You can also visit Blue grotto, the Bisevo Island which is known for its sea caves, and the picturesque Stiniva beach.

Brač.  It is known for its white-pebble beach Zlatni Rat, which is also ideal for windsurfing. The island’s unique horseshoe-shaped shoreline is also renowned for its white limestone. The points of interest included the Zlatni Rat, Vidova gora, Blaca hermitage and Starigrad Fortress.

Šolta. An island near Split, Solta Island is known for the legendary QueenTauta and is especially popular for its wine, honey, gingerbread and Villae Rustica. You can go for an exciting kayaking trip in Marjan Sea, yacht sailing in Vodice archipelago or a Canoe safari ride on the river Zrmanja.

Murter. This island is one of the most visited islands of Croatia for its historical significance especially in the Christian religion, where original Christian manuscripts written in Slavonic languages were found.  It is also home to old churches like the St. Michael's church, St. Rock and Our Lady of Gradina Church.

Lastovo.  One of the most remote islands of Croatia, Lastovo features a Renaissance style architecture that provides a wistful travel through time. There are also a lot of fun activities you can do such as going for a dive in the Diving Center Ankora, visit the Fort of Glavica or visit the Church of St. Kuzma and St. Damjan.



Mljet. This island is known for its biblical significance.  In particular, it is where Saint Paul was shipwrecked. Popular destinations included the Pomena, Polace, Sobra and Babino Polje. You can also take a dip at the mysterious Odysseus Cave, take a dive in the Centre Aquatica, or get a private island excursion, an experience that is the closest thing to having your own island.

Krk. This relatively big island is known for its 5th-century Cathedral, which is built out of marble and stone Corinthian columns featuring etched Christian cryptograms. Superintending its aquatic boarders is the ancient Frankopan Castle. You can also spelunk and be amazed by the creepy stalactites and stalagmites the Great Hall of Biserujka cave.  You can learn to wakeboard or go surfing, welter in the healing sludge of Meline or lean to sail in Punat.

Dugi otok. This large island situated off the Dalmatian coast is popular for its inimitable shape, which is home to secreted harbours, sharp overhangs, antique ruins, and elegant white pebble beaches.  The islands major asset included the Sakarun beach, Telascica and the lighthouse Veli rat. The Sali Fiesta is one of the most visited celebrations in the place that draws many locals.  The festive celebration included the donkey races, candlelit boat procession and public singing and dancing of locals in colourful traditional costumes

Iž. As part of the Zadar Archipelago, Iz is surrounded by different islets such as Mali otok, Glurović, Kudica, Rutnjak, Knežak and Mrtovnja, among others.  You can go for a canoe safari on the river Zrmanja, go on a sailing excursion in the Plitvice Lakes or a tour boat in the Krka waterfall.

Lošinj. This island is well-known for its prominent coves, opulent foliage and huge natural dock. Tourists usually visit the Lošinj museum in the Fritzi Palace. While here, you should plan a trip to Susak, Cikat Aquapark and Televrina. The island is also the popular place for seeing dolphins. So you can sail on boat and hunt to see these fabulous friendly creatures in the ocean wild.

Rab. This island is celebrated for its hoary town enclosed by antediluvian barricades and church bell towers such as the Romanesque pillar of Svete Marije cathedral and the remnants of Sveti Ivan Church. It is also famous for its many beaches such as the Suha Punta Beach, Lopar Beach and Ciganka Beach.  However, if you are the more daring type, you can opt to go to the Kandarola Nude Beach.



With over a thousand islands, each with its distinctive heritage, charm and experience to offer, Croatia is indeed a prime tourist destination that should be in your bucket list to visit and enjoy. And fortunately for adventurers and travelers, there are ready tour agencies such as Anabelle, which conveniently allows you to steer through the sparkling blue waters of the Adriatic, visit its various islands, explore its exquisite sites and discover the awe-inspiring splendor of its timeless past and history. The vivid coastlines of Croatia dispersed in its many fascinating islands, can never be reconnoitered better than by boat.  You can sail into its ancient ports and marinas, swim in its pristine beaches, dine or drink in its stylish bars, wander through the lavish callow pines of its nature parks or simply enjoy the company of its friendly people.

A yacht charter with sailing Anabella is more than just a water cruising experience, but a chance to uncover the seamless exquisiteness of one of Europe’s most prized treasures.

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